Shifu, is a Brown Mackerel Tabby & White male, born on June 6, 2009 and son of Graziegatto Radio Flyer and LAPD Alibi, he comes from sunny California, from LAPD cattery of friends Emmons and Melinda Brown.
Morphologically is a well balanced cat, has robust, powerful and muscular body, his head is very large, has a nice profile, the muzzle is very square with a strong chin, the ears are large and well positioned with plentiful Linx typs . The coat is abundant during the winter months, a nice bright gold color.
Given his impressive when you see is compared to a small lion, but soon you realize that is a good, has an extremely sociable leaves manipulate with ease and is affectionate with everyone.
"The Master" Shifu is a very nice cat and always appreciated by the international judges and by the public in each expo, quickly became Supreme Grand Champion and in TICA 2010/2011 championship he became best of breed Maine Coon international winner.

- 20th Best Kitten Regional Winner
           Europe South
- 1st Best Maine Coon Brown Mackerel tabby
         with White

-7th Best cat International Winner
-1st Best Maine Coon International
-3rd Best cat Regional Winner Europe South
-1st Best Maine Coon Regional
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