Mia is a Brown tabby Classic female, born April 7, 2013 and daughter of IW SGC LAPD Shifu of Lionheartcoon and Lionheartcoon Princess Fiona.
Morphologically is a cat high on the legs with a long body, typical American look with great location and size of the ears, nose and chin are well defined. More simply, it is a cat harmonious with all the characteristics well balanced between them.
Mia is a very affectionate cat always present in the family, confidential with strangers.
Classic design is excellent with a marked contrast between the colors and much appreciated by those who see it.
We think Mia is a very beautiful female, confirming our view are its excellent reviews during the expo that allowed it to achieve the title of Supreme Grand Champion which is not easy for a female TICA.

- 7th Best kitten Regional Winner
           Europe South
- 18th Best cat Regional Winner
           Europe South
- 10th Best Longhair cat Regional Winner
           Europe South
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