Candy is a Brown Classic tabby female, born on May 2, 2009 and daughter of IW CH Mainette Philosophers Stone and RW GRC Velvet Jewels Diamonds R Forever. Comes from Indiana state in Central North America from Mainette cattery of friends D'Nette and David Musser.
Morphologically is a cat high on the legs with a long body, a typical American look with great set and size of the ears, nose and chin are well defined, the curve of the profile is perfect.
Candy is a very loving cat ever present in the family, whether expansive with strangers loves to be caressed.
The Classic marks are excellent with a pronounced contrast between the colors and it very much appreciated by those who see her.
We think that Candy is a very beautiful female, to confirm of our opinion are the excellent results during the expo that allowed her to obtain the title of Supreme Grand Champion is not easy for a TICA female.
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