At the beginning of the century, many thought that, for the characteristic marked stripes of his coat and thick and curly tail was the result of a cross with the rancoon, hypothesis of course absurd it has contributed to the many stories that are passed on this breed.

Some people at all costs wanted to give gifts to this cat rustic, making it evencome down from six Angora cats that Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution, would have saved by sending them to America. The origins of the Maine Coon have created so many legends and speculation, But none can be tested.

The most probable theory, even if less colorful, is the so-called "Darwinian genesis", under which the Maine Coon is the result of a vast gene pool of native North American continent, with little or no interference by man. Throughout the period of colonization ships docked on U.S. shores in the Northeast with their cargoes and crews from around the world, often the result of which there 'was also some cats, "invited" on board not just to the pleasure of his company because, if anything, to killing of rats.
These were cats of every stripe, that the seamen of the time liked more or less depending on their degree of effectiveness rodenticide, not because of their greater or lesser beauty. But very likely it is that, of those big cats, all the same and all different, there was also some ancestor of the cats of America, which transmits the gene of gigantism, call it so, that would have facilitated the birth of a beautiful and very special cat such as the Maine Coon.
The Maine coon still belongs to one of the oldest breeds in North America were born the first officially reported from 1861 but became very popular originally, was then left out for the Persian. We have to wait until the early sixties to assist the rediscovery of the breed that was recognized only in 1976.
The Maine coon is very different today compared to the first subject bred is impressive, massive, gigantic Its main characteristics were observed, and has increased feet high with fingers full of hair not to sink into the snow, as well as the ears, Although large, well opened, is covered with abundant hairs. The coat has a characteristic "fat" only natural that protects it from adverse weather.
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