Lionheart maine coon
Lionheart maine coon

Goliath is a Red tabby Classic male, born in February 19th 2017 and son of IW SGC LAPD Shifu of Lionheartcoon and RW CH CascadeMtn Buffy of Lionheartcoon.
Morphologically it's a cat with an impressive boby, the bones are robust, long and tall on the legs, the head is large, has a beautiful long profile, the muzzle is perfectly square with a chin strong, the ears are large and well positioned on the head. Red color is very deep with a well marked patterns. Plentiful Lynx Tips on the tip of the ears are much appreciated.
Goliath has an extremely sociable temper, he lets himself be manipulated with ease and is affectionate with everyone. Thanks to these qualities he obtained the title of Supreme Grand Champion and excellent results during the TICA exhibitions.

Season 2017-2018 Europe South
- 9th Best cat
- 4th Best Longhair cat
- Best of Breed Maine Coon
Lionheart maine coon
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