Always remember that when you adopt a kitten it requires attention and effort you should not take the decision lightly and before long reverse their steps finding himself with a problem.

Rather than abandon them to their fate (which the law prohibits and punishes so severely), contact the breeder and try together to find the best solution for both.

A kitten is not a toy or a robot that acts on command, he has a character and a soul, if he does not want to stay there in your arms or on your legs do not force him, try with time and patience to let him know that you are not his enemies, but his master, you have to be his pack leader, his leadership that protects him from danger and takes care of him, but that it turn calls for respect and trust.

Do not let he just brought home that fits comfortable in the new ambient, not stress him just for want to give him too much affection. Remember that small steps make big things.
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Kittens in all colours in patterns Mackerel o Classic.

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Update on 17th July 2018
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