LIONHEART was founded in 1997 with its first Maine Coon cat Real Coon's Ector, a male Black Silver tabby Mackerel with White we nicknamed "Big Cat". His size is in fact of great proportions tall and slender, he has an important role in our family (we prefer this term rather than cattery, as there are no cages and our cats live in total freedom). Then came Fada of Mediolanum , a female Tortoiseshell to revive the environment, in fact this type of color is very difficult to appreciate. Fada is not a giant although part of a breed known in the World as one of the largest, but in return gives birth healthy and robust kittens in a variety of colors.

In 2000 came the real earthquake home, Lionheartcoon Iena Plissken (a name you can trust), a male Red Silver tabby Mackerel with White. Born from Ector and Fada is a specimen with a strong personality, with a considerable body (during the winter months reaches 10 kg.) and a very abundant coat.

First cat imported directly from the United States was Williwplace Silver Dream, female Silver Tortie tabby Classic with White. By far the state of South Carolina was our first step closer to the American standard type. In 2002 come with us Rowanridge Black Magic, a female Black Solid against every superstition that brought good fortune in our lives, comes from the British Columbia that is the westernmost part of Canada, has a very sweet character and is a great chatterbox, her body is robust with a head like a true Maine Coon and abundant tips over her ears.
Lionheart maine coon
Lionheart maine coon
Born between us is also Lionheartcoon Wild Spirit for friends Squamy, another female Silver Tortie tabby Classic with White. Squamy is extremely affectionate, follows us at every step and constantly wants to be picked up and caressed High standard, its greatest strengths are definitely the shape and size of the ears together with the exceptional linx typs.

After a year off in 2005 he adds to our family Wistariantale Paper Moon, a female Brown Tortie tabby Classic, a cat from enviable character quiet and affectionate, in fact there is no person that does not face caress. Exceptional mother, the kittens are of various colors with a great temperament.

Worthy heir of Ector and Iena is some time Wistariantale Roman Empire for friends simply "Pencil", our male Red tabby Classic, its structure is really impressive with a long body and high on legs. Wonder of all who see it for the first time, even during the exhibition judges are always impressed by his size.

Also Lionheartcoon Sally, a female Brown Tortie tabby Mackerel with White is a cat with a distinct personality of the rest can not be the other being the daughter of Iena, does not like the constraints, but is very affectionate with people and is always the first to run to greet the newcomers. Definitely the best qualities are its excellent profile and an abundance of coat coloring and enviable. The passion and professionalism have always remained intact even after many years and are the ones that push us to always introduce new subjects to continue our history............
Lionheart maine coon
Humans of LIONHEART are Roberto, Samantha and Elisa a quiet Italian family. We started out of passion and love for cats maine coon many years ago, then we said "Let's see if we can improve" and so was, we started to attend cat shows making a personal idea of the type of person that we wanted, use it to direct more American and European standards even if it is not so easy.

We are located in Piedmont, in a small town nestled in the countryside of the province of Novara, where peace and tranquility reign throughout the year. We raise this breed with passion and love, always trying to improve the quality both in appearance and character, we are very attentive to food of our cats using high-quality food.

As for the health of our Maine Coons are tested against FelV, FIV, we perform ultrasound against Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy HMC and Rene Polycystic PKD and genetic testing for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy HMC, Rene Polycystic PKD, SMA Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

A kitten is always accompanied by its Health Book with certifying vaccinations carried out and Certificate of Registration.
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