HEAD: large, well proportioned to the body and long shape, as wide as the thorax, the profile has a gentle slope at the level of the eyes, the forehead is slightly rounded, her cheekbones high and should be prominent, under which there is the feel a stop sign, the mouth must come from here, which in turn must be well squared, chin should be strong and in line with the upper lip and nose.

EARS: large, long and wide open at the base, moderately pointed, placed high on the head with a slight tilt toward the external side of the head, the distance between them must be equal to the size of an ear at the base, rich set of internal hairs which extends to the outside, are required lynx typs; in kittens ears are much higher and show no inclination towards the outside.

EYES: slightly oval in shape, large and well spaced placed slightly angular, with a careful and severe expression. They allowed all the colors in harmony with the coat.

NECK: Strong, powerful and of medium length.

BODY: very long, must be strong and muscular, of rectangular shape, the structure must be heavy and robust, being subject to a slight difference in structure between males and females.

TAIL: long at least as the distance from its origin to the top of the neck should be well furnished with long, flowing coat, are not allowed on vertebral defects.

LEGS: medium length in proportion to the body, must be strong.

FEET: big and round must give the impression of stability and necessary force, well provided with interdigital coat.

COAT: semi long, but not of uniform length, shorter on the shoulders, gradually becoming longer on the sides and is quite compact on the belly. The ruff is plentiful and starting from the base of the ear at an angle of 180 ° along the body the coat gently follows the shape of giving a certain thickness. The structure of the coat is likely to life outside showing an impenetrability to humidity, a texture quite hearty and this gives the coat a bright appearance.

TEMPERAMENT: The main characteristic of the Maine Coon is the sweetness, this breed completely ignores mood swings and shows himself extremely friendly towards children and other animals.
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